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Post-Doc Elucidation structurale, Nantes France (12 mois)

Title: Overcoming the challenge of biomarkers structural elucidation

For further information please contact the project coordinator, Dr Gaud Dervilly-Pinel (
Application Please submit your application no later than 17th March 2017.

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a PhD degree. The candidate should have experience in structural elucidation.
     --> Strong chemical background with a PhD in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry or equivalent
     -->Strong hands on experience with:
                - Purification and fractionation techniques
                - Structural elucidation using mass spectrometry (tandem and/or high resolution MS) and/or NMR
    --> Good laboratory skills
    --> Good collaboration and communication skills (written and oral English)
    -->Structured and analytical working approach

For detail see attached PDF

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